What is Adapt SF?

Adapt SF is the public home of a multi-agency collaboration to implement San Francisco’s Sea Level Rise Action Plan. With support from the Mayor’s Office and members of the Mayor’s Sea Level Rise Coordinating Committee, Adapt SF will share the following plans and projects as they are completed:

  • Citywide Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment
  • Citywide Sea Level Rise Risk Assessment
  • Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan
  • Public maps and tools to communicate sea level rise impacts
  • Implementation of near-term adaptation projects


Why is this necessary?

Sea levels around San Francisco may rise as much as 36-66 inches above current levels by 2100.  Without action by the City, regional partners, and private property owners, this amount of sea level rise, combined with tidal action and storm surge, could cause extensive flooding. This flooding could damage infrastructure, public and private spaces and natural areas along our shorelines. Under the direction of the Mayor’s Sea Level Rise Coordinating Committee, San Francisco is currently assessing its sea level rise vulnerability and risk so we can make informed plans and decisions to adapt our city and minimize these impacts.


Why should I get involved?

Adaptation is about the future of San Francisco. Sea level rise impacts might not be easily recognizable today, but the decisions we make now and in the future will affect the long-term sustainability, health, and prosperity of the city.  We need everyone’s perspective so that San Francisco of the future is resilient to sea level rise impacts and responsive to community needs.  You can track progress on the Sea Level Rise Action Plan by signing up for program updates here.


Who is leading Adapt SF?

Adapt SF communicates the work of the Mayor’s Sea Level Rise Coordinating Committee, co-chaired by the Planning Department and the Port of San Francisco. The Coordinating Committee includes representatives from the following agencies:


Co-Chair: Byron Rhett, Port of San Francisco
Co-Chair: Diana Sokolove, SF Planning

Mayor’s Office of San Francisco
City Administrators Office
Department of Building Inspection
Department of Environment
Department of Public Health
Department of Public Works
Municipal Transportation Agency
Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure
Office of Economic and Workforce Development
Recreation and Parks Department
San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission